Welcome To DCUO Feats!

DCUO Feats was created for the DCUO community to get together and share strategy’s and ideas about the game’s vast achievement list.

DC Universe Online has very rewarding system for their “Achievements” known here as Feats. Each time a player unlocks one of these feats, they have points added to their feats. One they obtain 100 points, they unlock a skill point which they can then add to their weapon skill trees for bonus stats or their movement abilities.

The reward from feats are based on the difficulty:

  • 1 Star = 10 feat points
  • 2 Stars = 25 feat points
  • 3 Stars = 50 feat points

While other games offer novelty rewards for completing challenges, unlocking them in DCUO gives you the ability to make you’re character stronger, and is the only way to truly max out your Hero/Villain. So get out there and start hunting!