"> Fumigator

Secure the 4 pressure valves in 80 seconds or under in the Gotham University warehouse

Special Thanks To: daCrouchingHamster and Godhh

"> Leader of the Pride

Save All Lion Cubs in the Gotham University Warehouse

"> Taking out the Laundering [Hero]

Collect all of Intergang’s Counterfeit Money in their Warehouse

"> Can’t get Enough of That Justice

Encounter and Defeat both Bane and Hush in the Gotham Old Subway

"> Extreme Birdwatching

Investigate all of the Bird Statues in the Gotham Old Subway

"> Sin No More [Hero]

Defeat all of Trigon’s sin Demons in the Science Police HQ

"> On Your Feet! [Hero]

Revive all the defeated Amazons in Circe’s Hidden base

"> Green Machine [Hero]

Incinerate dangerous bio-hazardous materials strewn around Metro General

"> Shadow-Packed [Hero]

Defeat 30 Ghosts in the Glenmorgan Square Office Building

"> Staunching the Flow [Hero]

Destroy 15 blood pool vats located throughout Ellsworth Memorial Hospital

"> Beastiamorph Ethics [Villain]

Free all of the Captured Beastiamorphs in Circe’s Citadel

"> No More Funny Business [Hero]

Defeat 30 Joker Clowns in the Amusement Mile Funhouse

"> Detox [Hero]

Destroy all Venom cannisters in the Burnley Distribution center

"> Pop Quiz, Hotshot! [Hero]

Defuse the bombs before the police officers die in the Regal Hotel

"> Emancipator [Hero]

Rescue all of the enslaved citizens from the Condemned Shipyard

"> Blue Christmas [Hero]

Free 12 of the SCU troops trapped in the SCU Police Station

"> Out of Service [Hero]

Stop the disabled J1N1 from reactivating inside the Monarch playing card company

"> The Croc Hunter [Hero]

Complete the Scarecrow boss fight in the Gotham Sewer without allowing any Killer Croc Hallucinations to rise

"> Peas Officer [Hero]

Free all of the GCPD officers from Poison Ivy’s pods underneath the Botanical Gardens

"> No Respect! [Villain]

Descrate the Aazonian’s Enchanted Colossus in Circe’s Citadel

"> Fire Sale [Hero]

Extinguish all of the magical flames in the Chinatown magic shop

"> Lead from the Front [Hero]

Defeat the Manhunter in City Hall while all allies are still in the fight

"> Information Warfare [Villain]

Burn all the Bookcases in the sentinels of magic citadel

"> Watch your Step [Villain]

Redirect all of the Portals in the sentinels of magic base to Hades

"> Evidence? What Evidence? [Villain]

Burn evidence of LexCorp’s activities at Metro General

"> Now You See me [Villain]

Disable all security cameras and consoles inside metro University

"> Mister J’s Special BBQ Recipe [Villain]

Set 30 police officers on fire in the Amusement Mile Funhouse

"> Smashing Science [Villain]

Defeat 30 Science Police Officers in Science Police HQ

"> Titanic [Villain]

Convert and release all five titans in brother Blood’s Inner Sanctum ( may require multiple flythrough… or can you take them all at once ? )

  • Starfire
  • Nightwing
  • Beast Boy
  • Donna Troy
  • Cyborg

Special Thanks to: I2IxTwiSTeDxMeRk and Godhh

"> Yoink! [Villain]

Steal all the Venom canisters in the Burnley Distribution Center

Special Thanks to: VadorX and Godhh

"> Ring Master [Villain]

Fight through the Regal Hotel without losing a single clown

"> Look ma, No Hands [Villain]

Free Eclipso in the Sentinel Hold without securing the Hands of Shadow

Special Thanks To: Divinus1024 and Godhh

"> Lights out in the Lighthouse

Defeat all enemies and destroy all venom canisters in the Lighthouse up to Bane

"> Are we Not Men? [Villain]

Complete Old STAR Labs without devolving into a super Gorilla

"> Favor for the Family [Villain]

Free 13 Falcone mobsters in the Burnley Freight Yards

"> Bacon in a Box [Villain]

Gift wrap 25 Defeated SCU Troops in the SCU Police Station

"> Stuffed [Villain]

Let Cold Cut Eat from the vending machines 8 times before defeating him inside Gotham Mercy Hospital

"> Freeze! [Villain]

Defeat Mister Freeze’s two remaining goons in Mercy Hospital

"> Spy Smasher [Villain]

Neutralize all of the Science Police Infiltrators in the HIVE Metrodome base

"> Spy Smasher [Hero]

Arrest all of the LexCorp spec ops who infiltrated the HIVE Metrodome base

"> Two Birds with One Stone [Villain]

Defeat Hawkman and Hawkgirl within 10 seconds of each other

"> Blitz [Villain]

Defeat Alpha Lantern in City hall while all allies are still in the fight

"> Pig in a Blanket [Villain]

Gift Wrap 50 Defeated SCU troops in the SCU Police Station

"> Soul Reaper [Villain]

Collect every soul in Brother Blood’s inner sanctum and defeat Raven

"> Pain the Brainiac

Defeat 50 of Brainiac’s Robots on the STAR Labs satellite

"> Go for the Throat! [Villain]

Defeat Shevla’nuhur Kyramud in the Watchtower without defeating his Robots

"> Brain Intact

Make it through the waves of zombies in the Tomb of Isis without being knocked out or fleeing

"> Veterinarian [Villain]

Resurrect the Fallen beastiamorphs in the Metro station

"> The Androids You’re Looking for

Defeat 30 of T.O Morrow’s androids in T.O Morrow’s lab

"> Eye Blinked

Defeat Brother Eye underneath Gotham’s Knightsdome sporting complex without knocking out his guardian drones

"> Single Minded [Hero]

Defeat The Overlord in the Hall of Doom without defeating his robots

"> Quick Crags

Secure 14 Crags in the Shadowlands in 100 seconds or less

"> Man Down! [Villain]

Reach the final confrontation in STAR’s secret lab without losing any men

"> Beast Basher [Hero]

Defeat 60 of the Bestimorphs in the Metro station

<"> Brute Force [Hero] <

Complete the adventure in STAR’s secret lab without activating any turrets

"> Soul Saver [Hero]

Smash all the soul globes in Mannheim’s Chinese Theater before engaging Faust