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Secure the 4 pressure valves in 80 seconds or under in the Gotham University warehouse

Special Thanks To: daCrouchingHamster and Godhh

4 Responses to “Fumigator

  1. TheHITMANx says:

    need helpdoing this feat any tips my guy fly’s dont knoww what im doing wrong

  2. Kris O. says:

    If you jump and touch the cats while ascending, you’ll be knocked back. However, if you touch them while descending from a jump or glide, you’ll slide merrily through their hit box. This is the key to getting the achievement with Acrobatics or Super Speed. It seems that you can touch them all you like without getting thrown around, so long as you’re descending from the air when you touch them.

  3. undrline says:

    For all movement modes:

    It looks like you can use supersonic/superspeed/wall-grapple at specific points along the route.

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