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Save All Lion Cubs in the Gotham University Warehouse

3 Responses to “Leader of the Pride

  1. Kris O. says:

    The cubs have a tiny health pool and die quite easily from accidental AoE damage (like, from your melee weapon’s combos). To simplify this achievement, target the Lion Lords and Cat Ladies, hold your lock-on button, and spam a single-target ranged attack until they die. This way, you can avoid accidentally killing the cubs.

    • Monico Hernandez says:

      I will do that cause, I tried with a duel pistol and that didn’t work…But, to lock on to them would be good. So would recommend a hand blaster?

      • Mr. Ddidderr says:

        You can try a bow, that work very good as well. Handblaster should be single-target only if you just use the standard range attack without special stuff.

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