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Collect all investigations in the classic game

  • The Files of T.O Morrow
  • Dr. Arkham’s Observation Journal
  • Behind the Wall
  • World War III Remnants
  • Concentrated Chemical Samples
  • The Island of Dr. Morrow
  • Cadmus Research Findings
  • Lunar Exobyte Clusters
  • Simalien Technology
  • Falcone’s Finest
  • Pernicious Pictures
  • Ritual Canopic Jars
  • Ghost in the Machine
  • Rose by Any Other Name
  • Enigmatic Puzzles
  • Frozen Heart
  • Viva la Lucha Libre
  • Twisting the Titans
  • The Precipice of Fear
  • Against the HIVE
  • Trigon Tainted Artifacts
  • Azarathian Sin Gems
  • Lunar Silver
  • No Man Escapes
  • Confiscated Aracanum
  • Oaths of Light
  • The Atlantis Chronicles
  • Amulets of Memory
  • Gorillatech Schematics
  • The Doctor is In
  • Signs of the Beast
  • Crystalline Soul Fragments
  • LexCorp Genome Database
  • Gorilla Bomb Components

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